Pune 03 Aug (UNI) : The life of the peoples in city got plight due the
heavy showers continued on the second day, the whole city got stuck as
the showers are showering on large scale.
For the second consecutive day on Wednesday , the catchment areas
of the four dams providing water to the city were lashed by torrential
downpour with each reservoir registering more tha 100mm rainfall in the
last 24 hours.
Consistent rain has raised the water levels in the reservoirs
-Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon and Temghar. By 6pm on Sunday, the
collective stock in the four dams had reached up to 22.27 TMC
registering an increase of 1.23 TMC in 24 hours, the city also received
good rain in the last two days.
The India Meteorological Department data shows more than 100 mm
rainfall was received from 8.30am on Tuesday till 6.30pm on Wednesday,
the present stock in the dams can meet the city’s water requirements for
the next 18 months with the Pune Municipal Corporation’s monthly need
for 1.1 TMC. The city annually lifts about 14 TMC water from Khadakwasla
irrigation circle, as the rainfall activity was strongest in the
catchment areas of Temghar and Khadakwasla, the dam registered the
highest rainfall of 128 mm in the last 24 hours followed by Panshet
(94mm), Varasgaon (101mm) and Khadakwasla (43mm). Since June, Temghar
has received 522mm rainfall, while Varasgaon and Panshet have recorded
over 374mm and 368mm rainfall respectively . The catchments of
Khadakwasla recorded 43 mm rain, so far.
Heavy spells have brought some relief to the city after a water
crisis loomed because of depleted water levels in the dams, the city has
been facing alternate day water supply due to depleted water levels in
dams, officials from
irrigation department monitoring the water stock and rainfall activity
at each dam said the intensity of the rain had increased from Tuesday
evening, flood situation is in the city as the Authorities had declared
a High Alert for the citizens living on banks of the rives, Water around
20 thousand quesecs from Khadakwasla Dam is being discharged from
Continuous rain was recorded, the downpour is continued, Spells of
rain continued throughout Tuesday after a break for a couple of hours,
Rain from the hills flowing in to the reservoirs has led to an increase
in the water levels,” officials said.
Stocks in dams that had depleted to as low as 1.47 TMC in last week of
June have increased by almost 1.50 TMC in the last three days. A senior
official said, Over 100mm rainfall in catchment in span of 24 hours is
considered as `good rainfall’. For two days, the dams have received over
100mm rains. In fact, Temghar has recorded rainfall of over 200mm in one
day . We expect similar spells for the next few days.Stocks will
registered further rise if heavy rains continue in the catchments,” he
added. Among the four dams, Khadakwasla is the smallest with a total
capacity of 1.97 TMC. Panshet has maximum capacity of 10.65 TMC,
Varasgaon 12.82 TMC, while Temghar has capacity to store 3.71 TMC water.
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