Pune 07 Sept (UNI) : For peaceful Ganapaty Festival Celebrations police commissioner Mrs Rashmi Shukla had deployed around 10 thousand force including many IPS officers, for citizens to celebrate Ganapaty Festival free & fair said Dcp crime Mr P R Patil here this evening.
Patil while addressing a press conference at the Commissioner Office further said that this is the first time ever in the history of Ganapaty Festival where such a big force is deployed, we will be using 13 sniffer Dogs, for identifying suspicious material, till date 6 dogs used to be deployed, besides this we are giving basic training to the Mandal Members which will be helpful for everyone, we have Extermed 41 criminals from 6 various gangs, around 11 criminals have been enforced under MPDA & 50 criminals under MOCCA, around 3079 under section 107 of IPC, at present the city is free from these gangs, also 148 criminals have been identified who violated the externed section are been prosecuted under BPA 142, said Patil.
Dcp Ganesh shinde who is holding the charge of Special Branch added that already we had started the training of mandal members with the help of local police stations, as there is no threat received from any agency to Pune Police, though Mrs Shukla has given priority to make this festival free from any incumberece & mischievous activities or any incident, we are having co ordination with all the security agencies & Defense personnels, Apart from this major Traffic Diversion had been made, which is displayed at various junctions.
Dcp Sakore also mentioned that the cyber cell is well prepared, we are monitoring the social media very strictly, specialized are appointed to verify the truths, people’s can share their suggestions if any they want, on Twitter, Whats App or on phone, all the such suggestions will be taken seriously.

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Devendra Jain
Sr correspondent UNI Pune Bureau

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