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une 27 Dec (PCP) : Today Pune Police enforced MCOCA against 10, who are habitual offenders in Black Marketing Ration Food Grains said the Jt Police commissioner Mr Sunil Ramanand here late evening.

   Ramanand who is a Law enforcer officer & who always relies on enforcing various sections of Law on the criminals, Land Grabbers, have proved that any city can be safe, if proper implementation of law is done, any police officer can curb crime with the help of laws mentioned in our constitution,this case is first-ever in the history and through out the country, where 10 accused are enforced under MAHARASHTRA CONTROL OF ORGANIZE ACT, in Essential Commodities Black Marketing.

   Ramanand further added that, the case is been registered at Mundhwa Police station, vide CR no 235/16 u/s Of Essential commodity Act,  against 

1) Avinash Kchave, 2)Sanjay Vagholikar 
3) Vilas Matkar,4) Umesh Markad 5) Vaishali Kamble, 6) Shankar Gaikwad, 7) Ramesh Markad and 3 others,  in this case food grains supplied to govt Ration Shop has been sold in black markets, around 32 lakcs of Rs food grains and 3 trucks  has been recovered, besides this, all the above accused are having previous criminal record said Ramanand.

   Ramanand also mentioned that Police commissioner Mrs Rashmi Shukla & myself have given priority to curb crime & give free and fair Law and Order to the citizens, we are always keen to listen the complainant and give him proper guidance to register his offence, complainant feels happy for the cognizance and  immediate action, which had increased the moral citizens, our support to the force is a quite good example of family policing, the force is motivated by various aspects, we have started ” CHAI PE CHARCHA” with all police constables, till date we have listened to thousands of constables, whi had shared their personal difficulties which they face in their day to day life, where many positive solutions had come out, employment in private sector, education in reputed institutions is given to the family members, these activities carried by us has converted in fruitful result to maintain the city safe. PCPDJ 21 30FB_IMG_1478200588719

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Harshad Pachange

    December 28, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Dear Devendra sir

    I must say that you’re doing really extraordinary job to be work in PCP, my personal opinion is that your not only playing significant role, but also assist genuine citizen in tough time. Your helping nature is really admirable, even as socially acted in society shown unique personality of yours

    I’ve limited words to say here, your prominent work has no boundaries to do

    My best wishesh and blessing for future endverous

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