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Pune 03 Jan 17 (PCP) : Pune Police is well prepared to counter any terrorist or Crime incidents said Police Commissioner Mrs Rashmi Shukla here this evening at the Firing Range at Wadachi Wadi, near Pune.

Shukla today visited the Firing Range of Pune Police, where various advanced Fire arms display was arranged for the citizens, on the second day of Police Razing Event. After inspection of the weapons, Shukla addressed the citizens, where she said that the weapons displayed here are heart of our forces, these weapons always help the force when any serious incident occurs, besides this our officers are well trained, they have rigorous training, which helps them in all aspects, said Shukla.
Shukla further mentioned that Day by day the threat of terrorism is increasing, so naturally various advanced weapons are been provided to Police, we are also fully equipped with the new advanced weapons, these weapons can increase the moral of citizens and feel them safe in city.

The Joint Police Commissioner Mr Sunil Ramanand, who had handled various weapons in Gadchiroli which is a Naxalite affected area, also expressed his views, he elaborated on various weapons and their uses, while speaking on Revolvers, he said, we have in our folder of Smith and Vessan, Webley Scott, besides this Austrian Glock is a good pistol which we have, this is used by special forces around the world, TMC, Carbine, AK 47, MP 5 and P 90, M 4, HK 417 are Personal Defence Weapons(PDW), he mentioned that, it’s a a matter of great pride that Pune Police have such a good and smooth weapons.

Ramanand also added that, he feels proud to have the best QRT ( QUICK RESPONSE TEAM) with him, the demonstration from them speaks much more to counter amy serious activity, the commandos in the team are well equipped and well prepared, the coordination between them is highly appreciable, I feel proud to have such QRT said Ramanand.

After the inspection of weapons, a Demonstration was shown to the citizens, in which Jt CP Sunil Ramanand, DCP Srikant Pathak, Praveen Munde and Pankaj Dahane fired many bullets on the Targets, these IPS officers had proved their calibre by shooting the Targets perfectly and proved that they are not only handling Law and Order, but can shoot the Target during any insurgency.
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