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Pune 31 Dec(PCP) : Today the Pune Police made an history by registering 25 th MPDA ( Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities) said Joint Police Commissioner Mr Sunil Ramanand IPS.
Ramanand while speaking with PCP News further said that today we detained Vishnu alias Bablu Vasant Gawli from Pune Cantonment, who is a notorious criminal, with this MPDA History is created at Pune Police Commissionerate. This was the 25th MPDA this year and the highest so far in a calendar year in the Commissionerate’s history, it was also noticed that Since the enactment of MPDA on 23 September 1981, only 44 persons have been detained under this act, till 15th April 2015. Thereafter 38 detained till date said Ramanand.

While elaborating this Act, Ramanand mentioned that,during eighties, the crime ratio of state was increased, so the Government thought to table a new act which will help the Police to curb crime, so the proposal was finalizedand was send to the president office for the approval, This Act received the assent of the President on the 21st September 1981, assent was first published in the Maharashtra Government Gazette on 23rd September,1981, this act was named as The Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Slumlords, Bootleggers, Drug-offenders, Dangerous persons and video pirates Act, looking to the raising crime this act was amended for three times in the state assembly, In 1996, 2007 and 2015, this is An Act to provide for preventive detention of Slumlords, Bootleggers and Drug- offenders, for preventing their dangerous activities prejudicial to the maintenance of public order.
WHEREAS public order was adversely affected every now and then by the dangerous activities of certain persons, who are known as Slumlords, Bootleggers and Drug- offenders Said Ramanand. Pune PCP /DJ 22 30 FB_IMG_1478200588719

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