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Pune 12 Jan 17 (PCP NEWS) : Students committing suicide is becoming serious issue in Pune, when on the next day again a student from Sinhgarh College committed suicide for he got fail in one subject said the Senior Police Inspector Mr Vijaysinh Gaikwad here this afternoon.

Gaikwad who is the senior police inspector at the Bharati Vidyapith Police Station while speaking with our correspondent said that he received a call late night regarding a student Yash Rahul Borate of 17 from Moshi, Pune District, staying in hostel has hanged,

Gaikwad further added that, during the investigation it was noticed that room partner of the deceased had gone out when the incident happened, when they returned they found that the deceased was hanging, so immediately his room partners rushed to the hospital where the deceased was declared dead by the doctors, during the investigation it was found that he was studying in first year,and his results of examination was declared yesterday in which he failed in one subject, which is the reason found said Gaikwad.

Gaikwad also mentioned that, Yesterday also one student from Symbiosis collage committed suicide,It is that time of the year when exams are approaching and children crumble under peer and parental pressure and the ever-increasing level of competition. The alarm bells are ringing as a growing number of students commits suicide over examinations. What are the fault lines? What are the reforms required on the education front? is to be studied by the Psychiatrists.
Gaikwad also asked the parents to have a regular follow up of their child, which is not found, as they are busy in their work and they dont spare time for their childrens, I had spoken with a Psychiatrist who says, Fear is the major reason found also rising number of students suffer from traumatic disorders related to the fear of examinations. It is also noticed that counselling is needed as Forty per cent of the students feel they are overwhelmed by examinations and want guidance, besides this too much study at a time might be another reason. Those aspiring to get into professional colleges prepare for over a dozen entrance examinations apart from tuition’s in the major subjects, where as Parents are not aware about the daily work out of their child, Not just schools but parents also go to extreme levels to force their children into pushing up their grad said Gaikwad. PCP/DJ 17 30

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