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15 fEB 2017 (PCP NEWS) : The Special Inspector General of Police Mr Prabhat Kumar, for Law and Order had launched a application, for the citizens using Smart Phones and having Whats App facility, named as cop-citizensonpatrol, only for the Election process going at various parts of state, said the DCP Special Branch Srikant Pathak, here this evening.

DCP Pathak further mentioned that, looking to the elections at various parts of state, the Election Commission had directed to launch this application, which will help the concern authorities, related to election only, this App is only for Election purpose, as per the same it is being designed, This Application will help the citizens, who are using Smart Phones and having Whats App facility, he can register his complaints about violation of Code of Conduct. It is necessary to download this application from the Google Play Store, which is free, after registering the complaint, it will be send to the concern authority immediately said Pathak.

Pathak also added that, necessary action for the complaint with implementation will be informed to the complainant, the concern election officer himself will go through the complaint, and inform the concern jurisdiction DCP and the Police Station, Police will intervene where it is necessary, for this various groups of election officers had been started, which includes the Local PMC, PCMC, Revenue and Police Officers and DCP of the jurisdiction, said Pathak.

Police Commissioner Mrs Rashmi Shukla had appealed the citizens to download this application in their Smart Phones and inform about violation on Whats app, also he can be a part of the election process, since the name of this App speaks itself. With the help of this Application we will try our level best for free and fair Election Process and also Law and Order. The complainant is also free to register his complaint any time in 24 hours, Complainant will be informed about the action taken for his complaint in 24 hours said Shukla. PCP/DJ 15 30 Deputy Commissioner of Police _Mr SHRIKANT PATHAK1607300802Commissioner of Police_Smt RASHMI SHUKLA1604050640

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  1. Harshad Pachange

    February 15, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Best initiative

    • Devendra Jain

      February 15, 2017 at 11:27 am

      Thanks, your suggestions are welcomed.

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