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Pune 17 Feb 2017 (PCP NEWS) : Crime Branch Anti Extortion Unit today arrested Kisan Jagannath Chawan, who is a school Principle at Amhed Nagar, his accompaniment Navnath Bajirao Mohite, who is a former soldier, and his brother Raghunath Bajirao Mohite, for demanding 25 Lakh rupees as extortion from a Builder from Pune, said DCP Crime P R Patil here this evening.

Patil while speaking this evening with PCP News correspondent, further said that, Pune based one Builder had filed a complaint to the Anti Extortion Unit, against the above accused for demanding extortion of 25 Lakh rupees, regarding the same, an offence was registered at Market Yard Police Station. As per the complainant, Mohite brothers were working as a sub-contractor with him from long time, in the mean time both had gain trust of the complainant, so the complainant handed over two kilo gold ornaments and many documents files of him to both, when the complainant was needing the ornaments and the files, he asked Navnath Mohite to return, Navnth denied to return the same and threaten the complainant to shoot him from his license Pistol, when the complainant repeatedly asked for his valuables, Mohite brothers asked the school principle Kisan Chavan to demand 25 lakh rupees for returning the gold ornaments and the files from the builder, said Patil.

Looking to the seriousness of the offence Anti Extortion Unit Sr Police Inspector Mr Laxman Borate and API Sunil Gawli laid a trap with the help of the complainant, a trap was laid at Ahmed Nagar, where the school Principle was called for the payment of Extortion Amount demanded, as the school principle arrived he was apprehended, and was asked to call Navnath Mohite, which also resulted successful, said laxman Borate. During the custodial interrogation police recovered 2 kilo 819 gram gold ornaments, 1 Pistol with 11 live cartridges, and 17 Documents Files, total worth 79 Lakh rupeesIMAG3040 and further investigation is going said ACP Suresh Bhonsale. PCP?DJ 19 30

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