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Pune 03 Mar 2017 (PCP NEWS) : Only name of Pune Rural Superintendent of Police Suez Haque and proper co-ordination between the Talegaon Police Station and Local Crime Branch had been work out in only 24 hours to save the life of a Businessman Jitendra Shanitlal Shah, who was kidnapped by notorious criminals for ransom amount in broad day light from Talegaon Dabhade.

PCP News Sources mentioned that, In movies, it is found that some times only name of any person works to get justice, but in real life also it had happened, which was proved after the release of Jitendra Shah. On 22 Feb 2017 a complaint was registered by the Brother of the victim Rajesh Shah, regarding, unknown persons had kidnaped his brother Jitendra in broad daylight, immediately the incident was informed to the SP, looking to the seriousness of the offence, SP directed Talgaon Police Station and Senior Inspector of Local Crime Branch Ram Jadhav, and declared “High Alert” and “Nakabandi” was tabled immediately through out the jurisdiction, since the accused had used a vehicle, police started a confidential operation to release the victim safely, as such 2 incidents were happened in Nagpur and Aurangabad, where the victims were murdered for not receiving ransom amount.

As per sources of PCP News, the force was coordinating with various agencies which the SP was himself Monitoring. The Victim was a big Businessman and all possibilities were examine, including collecting CCTV footage from various highway toll stations, from spot and other private places were checked, within short time the accused in kidnaping, Yograj Vishwanath Murhe name was confirmed, who was the mastermind and behind the kidnapping, as the accuse is a notorious criminal, Ram Jadhav and other officers by pressurizing the accuse, succeeded to get release Jitendra Shah safely at Pandharpur, Aurangabad, the victim immediately called his family and then brought back safely to Talegaon.

Till the victim was in custody of accused the SP and the teams working for this confidential operations had not slept for 24 hours. Officially nothing was shared to media since the case was of kidnapping and the SP was not in position to inform media, which might have interfere the investigation. Police have identified all the accused in this case and till date 6 have been arrested including the mastermind said an senior officer on anonymous identity. The Family members were very much happy for the fast action taken by Police and the Superintendent of Police Suez Haque, and appealed the government to reward all of them who were involved in the detection. PCP/DJ 14 30

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  1. Dr.Rajkumar Shah

    March 7, 2017 at 1:21 am

    I hhave witnessed the event as I was also there for more than 18 hrs during this rescue operation .we really appreciate the hard and intligent work by police force especially Mr Haque.Mr Rajkumar Shinde , Mr Ram Jadhav and Team.I on behalf of Mr Jitendra Shah and his family extend my gratitude and convey tons of thanks to Police Department.
    Dr Rajkumar Shah.
    Ex Commandent Homeguard Pune District.

    • Devendra Jain

      March 7, 2017 at 5:08 am

      As a Journalist for the news agency, I would like to suggest you that, as the force is always criticize by various types of peoples, its my request you to just felicitate them by giving a honor, which will increase the moral of the force, i also know that Mr Haque is a very different officer, he may not accept the felicitation, but if you request through the family members, he might accept. I have done my Duty by publishing this news, which was not given by any police officer, but we received the details from our sources, by this example you may come to know about the SP, he is very down to earth person.

      Devendra Jain
      9371001318 Pune

  2. Dr.Rajkumar Shah

    March 9, 2017 at 9:07 am

    It is with immense pleasure I express my gratitude and thanks to Police Department especially S.P…Mr Haque, Add S.P. Mr Rajkumar Shinde, P.I.Crime Branch Mr Ram Jadhav incharge officers of Talegoan P.S.and all team members.They with their caliber, perspiration, hard work, proper preparation & perfection saved life of Mr Jitendra S Shah (My brother in law ) This was his rebirth which was possible because of efforts of police Department..
    Mr Jitendra was kidnapped on 22nd Feb 2017 about 8pm when he was driving his car from Chandkhed to Talegoan.
    Police and volunteers from our family were searching him at our best….He was escaped from area if Pandharpur Auangabad road, He was badly bitten by kidnappers.He was brought back to Talegoan at about 6 pm next day..23rd Feb.
    The hard work put in by police Department under the able guidance of senior officers and retired Add Director General of Police Mr Rajendra Sonawane we could bring his life back.
    I have witnessed in person the efforts taken by police force and SALUTE all the members of team.
    Dr Rajkumar Shah
    Ex Commandent
    Homeguards Pune District .

  3. Devendra Jain

    March 9, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Thanks for your mail.

    Devendra Jain

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