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Pune 17 April 2017 (PCP NEWS) : “Organised gangs had been trying to gain a foothold in the national capital but their designs had been foiled so far. Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999 (MCOCA) will help in dealing with it more effectively, were the words of Ajai Raj Sharma, the then Commissioner of Delhi Police in the year 2002, which is proved by the Joint Police Commissioner Mr Sunil Ramanand IPS, when he slapped this act to all 11 accused in the Khadkee Murder today.

Ramanand, while speaking to PCP News Correspondent, further said that, Today we had invoked this act on all the 11 accused who had murdered a person in Khadkee, unfortunately, two accused succeeded to fled from the police custody, who then were arrested by the Crime Branch Unit 1 Senior Police Inspector Nitin Bhonsale Patil and the other one by the Anti Dacoity Cell Senior Police Inspector Mr Rajendra Kadam, in 72 hours. Besides this Pune Police had created history by enforcing this act on 6 juveniles, since they were also arrested for committing the murder. During the last two years around 250 hardcore and notorious criminals are enforced with this act and 46 were enforced with Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (MPDA)Act, who all are behind the bars, these acts are always helpful to the force to maintain Law and Order, and to keep the city crime free, said Ramanand.

While elaborating MCOC Act the JT CP said that. this act Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999, was enacted by Maharashtra state in India in 1999, to combat organised crime and terrorism, the preamble to MCOCA says, the Existing Legal Framework, the Penal and Procedural Laws and the Adjudicatory System, are found to be rather inadequate to curb or control the menace of organised crime, so the Government, decided to enact a special law with stringent and deterrent provisions including in certain circumstances power to intercept wire, electronic or oral communication to control the menace of organised crime. Ramanand also mentioned that, Unlike normal law the confessions before senior police officers are admissible, not only against the accused giving the confession but also against the other accused in the same case. There is no provision for granting anticipatory bail for 6 months to the accused.

Senior Police Inspector Mr Sunil Dorge who holds the Modes Operandi Bureau added that, before enforcing this law, it is necessary to fulfill all the necessary documentation and record of the criminals, to the concern officer, for which our branch is helping to all the police stations in the city. The Criminals are now scared in the city, besides this we had also enforced 46 criminals with Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (MPDA) Act, on various criminals. Our Police Commissioner Mrs Rashmi Shukla is keen to give a free and fair atmosphere to the citizens, she had asked us to maintain all the necessary records of daily registered offences in the city, which had helped lot, to curb the crime and give a fair atmosphere to the citizens said Dorge. PCP/DJ 14 30

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