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Pune 22 April 2017 (PCP NEWS) : Now the time has come where it is a need for Federal Police System in India for rising the Jehadi Threat of ISIS, said Brigadier Arun Bajpai (Retd).

Vajpai also mentioned that, It is very difficult to nab the Jihadis who are working for ISIS. The main reason is that these modules do not have any direct contacts with ISIS. They take the motivation from the ISIS literature and by Social media but operate in their own way. There is no set pattern. ISIS has been encouraging these modules to operate on their own world over singly or in a group. ISIS does not even give them money. These modules arrange money on their own by selling their properties or finding a local sponsor. Earlier Indian Political Leaders use to say that there is no Al-Qaeda follower in India which was true. However the things have changed now thanks to Social Media. Now Muslim youths from Kerala are operating for ISIS in Afghanistan and from Maharashtra in Iraq and Syria.

While speaking about National Investigation Agency (NIA), the Brigadier said that, NIA can perform this role very well with enhanced powers. Similarly all police stations of India must be connected with internet, which is called Net Grid. A counter terror center must be established at Delhi and the NIA should come under this CTC. The Indian intelligence agencies must have better coordination with the state police forces and to established CTC. A separate ministry in the Government at center should be created by the name Internal Security Ministry or Home Land Security as in the case of the United States. All intelligence units and CTC should come under this ministry. All this is possible if the Constitution is amended to bring in Jihadi terror in the concurrent list of Center and the States. All that is needed is political will. Our Political Leaders must also get over their often repeated dialogue that Terror has no religion. ISIS has changed this discourse and has given terror name to a particular religion.

Brigadier Vajpayee also demanded that, It is time Indian political masters stop being Ostriches and lift their head out of sand. When Law and order was made a state subject by our Constitution at the time of independence India did not face any Jihadi terror threat. Even the world has not heard of Jihadi terror. In the current situation when whole world is under Jihadi threat, almost daily some ISIS motivated Jihadi singly or in a group are attacking innocent people in public places with so many innocents getting killed, we in India cannot carry on with our archaic police system and hope for the best. We must change with time. It is justified that state police should be strengthened but without a federal police now with all India responsibility with powers to arrest and question any Jihadi anywhere in India our effort against Jihadi terror is incomplete.

While remembering the Blast in Railway last month Vajpai said that, it was only last month that a Jihadi module of ISIS who were responsible for a low intensity blast in Ujjain passenger, was busted in UP. One Jihadi was killed in Lucknow of this module and seven were arrested from Kanpur. They were planning a major Jihadi terror strike but got nipped in between. Now UP Police ATS again with the help of five other states police have nabbed one Jihadi each from Mumbai, Bijnor and Jalandhar and seven of their associates. This module of ISIS was again planning a big Jihadi terror strike. They were again nipped in the bud. There is also a intelligence alert that a team of 10 Jihadis have entered India from West Asia with an aim to do damage the lives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. PCP/DJ/IDN 14 30

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1 Comment

  1. tushar doshi

    April 22, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Rightly said.Unfortunately, Police as a subject is in the State List of Constitution. This has resulted in a fractured response to the threat of terrorism in general and that of ISIS in particular.
    In fact at operational level functioning of Police stations is so different among various states that integration is proving difficult.

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