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Pune 05 April 2017 (PCP NEWS) : Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla today suspended Six more cops for not performing their duties, extorting money from the accused, They were suspended after the departmental inquiry, and a report about it was sent to the Home department. Three days back the police commissioner had mentioned that she will not bear criminality in the force, if anyone found guilty, will have to pay for it.

On 08 Oct 2016, Dighi Police Station cops raided a gambling den at Dudulgaon, and detained some peoples with cash of 89 thousand rupees and gambling material, they all were brought to the police station, where they were to be prosecuted under gambling act, but by accepting bribe they all were released by the officer. In the mean time one of them was repeatedly called for more money in the name of prosecution. The person who was threatened, paid more 25 thousand rupees to the police, after more harassment the person had filed a complaint to the commissioner.

Shukla, after receiving the complaint, conducted an inquiry, in which all the five cops were found guilty. After the report was tabled, Shukla today suspended all the Six cops from the force. API Santosh Kate, Police Naik Somnath Babaso Borhade, Namdeo Khema Wadekar, Vipul Lankeshwar Hole, Parmeshwar Tukaram Sonke and Shivraj Bhagwant Kalandikar, all holding their duties at Dighi Police Station.

Shukla also mentioned that she is here to give a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens, where the force is bind to help the citizens for their complaints, she will not tolerate any malpractice. Shukla had given a strong message to the force, which is highly appreciated by the citizens in Pune. PCP/Dj

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