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Pune 30 July 2017 (PCP NEWS) : The much-awaited “Make In India” state-of-the-art light weight Bulletproof Jackets for Armed Forces and Police personnels would not only help them move with greater agility during counter-insurgency operations but they could be customized depending upon operational requirements.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) consultant, Lieutenant General Singh, who retired as Army deputy chief, had shared these details on Thursday during a round-table conference on “Reforms in Defence Procurement — Opportunities for the Northern Region” held at Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) regional officer. Giving details about the upcoming bulletproof “Make in India” jackets for troops, he said to PCP News Correspondent that, the jackets are under production at ordnance factory in Kanpur and set for induction in next few months. He also added that the new jackets would also give a feel of modular clothing to troops.

General Sing also Explained about its security features, he said the jackets would be completely indigenous and for the first time made according to Indian standards. After defining the standard, these prototype bulletproof jackets were made under controlled conditions. Thereafter, they were randomly picked up from different lots and put on trial to ensure that quality and safety is not compromised. Once the prototype was approved, we had ordered for their production at the ordnance factory and some private parties,” said Gen Singh.

Stating the features of the jackets, Lt Gen Singh said that special focus has been given on the size of the jackets to ensure it fits on all size soldiers and they do not feel uncomfortable. It would not only a protection gear but would also be modular clothing, which would keep soldiers efficient during normal wear, he added. He further explained that the new jackets would be customized and the soldiers would be able to wear them in accordance to their requirements.

While elaborating about this Bullet Proof Jackets the General said that, This under-development prototype aims to protect against AK-47s and self-loading rifle bullets. Stated to be ultra-lightweight, these jackets are reportedly 8-times lesser in weight than the present jackets used by the armed forces. It is for the first time that Army would have bullet-proof jacket manufactured completely in India. If a soldier is in picket, he need not to wear rear portion of the jacket and can continue duty with front portion of the jacket. Similarly the helmet, neck-guard, groin and sides can be customized as per operational needs, said Sing.

The Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) had been working on the development of these prototypes bullet-proof jackets, as per the newer technical specifications, using different state-of-the-art ballistic materials. PCP/DJ 13 30

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