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Dr.Vittal Jadhav,I.G of prisons Maharashtra Inaugurated the Exhibition in Pune.

Pune 13 Aug 2017 (PCP NEWS DEVENDRA JAIN) : The products manufactured by the prisoners of Tellangana will result fruitful for the citizens of Pune, and in next exhibition you have to increase the volume of these products, said the I.G of prisons Maharashtra Dr.Vittal Jadhav, here this afternoon.

I G Jadhav, was at the Phoenix City Mall for Inaugurating the exhibition of the various products made by the prisoners from Tellangana State, he added that, it is necessary to employ the prisoners in the work in which they are skilled, so they can spare their time during their punishment tenure by promoting various products to citizens throughout the country. Our state ADG Dr Bhushankumar Upadhay has launched several projects for the prisoners in our state, which, now are resulting fruitful for the citizens of Maharashtra, besides this the citizens are getting quality products in nominal rates. There is an immense scope for reform and we would like to give these men and women another chance to have a better life, said Jadhav.

Tellangana Central Prison Jailor Shobhan Babu Rupani also elaborated the concept of this project, he said that, the concept of exhibiting these essential products which every human needs in his day to day life was of our Telangana D.G Prisons Vinoy kumar singh I.P.S It indeed to eradicate misconceptions from the minds of general public despite of their educational backgrounds and their profession. Beside making of such products our DG had launched many Other innovative programs, in which much popularity was gained by “Mahaparivarthan”, In this program inmates in jail are given Counselling by psychologists and sociologists for changing their attitudes towards society. We are not here to do business, but we are the medium for our prisoners, who make such good goods, but are unable to reach to the citizens, We also assure the prisoners that, they will be given jobs as per their their skills after their release, said Rupani.

While speaking on one another important project which also received a good response, Chanchalguda Prison Jailor Venkateshan said that, ” Vidhyadanam” is a program where the prisoners should read paper in his own language within three months, where the prisoners are getting education and general knowledge of the nation, Educating prisoners is much important task, where we found to be successful, we have many Computer classes in all Jails, also we ask the prisoners to show their skill in Painting and Drawing, the Paintings are displayed in exhibitions. where peoples appreciate the drawings done by the prisoners. For getting Health related education we prefer to have various Yoga programs, Physical Training (PT), and Parade, every inmate has to participate, which results to keep their physical and mental health, for this we arrange sports meet of the prisoners, where they prove their capabilities, every prisoners also participate in all cultural programs arranged in all Jails, said Venkateshan.

Tellangana Jails also haves many Petrol pumps, which are maintained by inmates, the revenue generated from all these activities is near about 500 crore rupees which is used in reformation of Jails and prisoners. PCP/DJ 14 30

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