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The Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC)

Pune 12 Sept 2017 (PCP NEWS DEVENDRA JAIN) : DRDO’s Pune based Armaments Research and Development Establishment has designed and developed fully ” MADE IN INDIA” Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC), with a cult following among gamer, which is soon to join Police and Army arsenals said H.R. Dixit, general manager, Small Arms Factory (SAF), Kanpur.

Dixit while speaking with PCP News further added that, We have the production capacity to make around 35,000 such carbines each year, besides this, this Indian carbine’s transition from virtual to real could prove to be a potential game changer. At present Chhattisgarh police became the first to order this weapon. This year-640 of them-with similar orders expected from the Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Meghalaya police. India’s paramilitary forces are another potential buyer. Its designers estimate the firearm has the potential to replace nearly 400,000 obsolete weapons, an order worth over Rs 45,000 crore (including ammunition), said Dixit.

While elaborating about this weapon Dixit said that, This Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC) is possibly the only weapon designed, developed and manufactured in India with a cult following among gamer across the world. The futuristic looking Carbine-A Compact weapon that fires smaller caliber rounds than an Assault Rifle-clearly caught the attention of the designers of Call of Duty. Since 2012, players of the franchise’s Black Ops II have had the DRDO-designed MSMC as one among five carbine options. As the DRDO-OFB combine wait for the Army order, they have decided to offer the carbine to the police and paramilitary forces. Their optimism is not unfounded. Police forces are looking to modernize WWII era weapon inventories. Imports are not just expensive, but also subject to controls by host nations- German manufacturer Heckler and Koch has repeatedly cited human rights violations by Indian security forces as reason to deny exports,
said Dixit.

The actual weapon’s history, however, is somewhat chequered. It was developed by DRDO’s Pune-based Armaments Research and Development Establishment after the Army announced a contest in 2006 to replace all of its obsolete World War II era 9 mm carbines. The 5.56 mm MSMC has a 30-round magazine and can fire up to 900 rounds per minute. An endogenously-made holographic sight with an inbuilt Red-Dot Laser Pointer allows for accurate aiming up to the weapon’s 200 meter effective range, making it ideal for use in confined urban spaces. The weapon is produced by state-owned ordnance factories and is close to meeting the army’s rigorous testing standards. No one is quite sure how the virtual version of the weapon showed up in American-produced pop culture. PCP/DJ 11 30

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