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Pune 23 Dec 2017 (PCP NEWS) : In the High Profile Cheating and Forgery Criminal Case registered by the Real Owners of Vaishali, Rupali and Amrapali against the Care Taker of these Prestigious Hotels Of Pune; Jagganath Shetty and Shashendra Shetty, Conditional Anticipatory Bail was granted by Additional Sessions Judge, A.K.Patil.

Based on Criminal Complaint lodge by Shashikala Shetty, Vijaya Shetty, Jaya Shetty Daughters Sridhar Babu Shetty and Appi Shetty, an offence was registered against Jagganath Babu Shetty and Shashindra Shetty at Deccan Police Station on 13 April 2017, of IPC 420, 406, 465, 466, 471, 474 and 506 (1) r.w section 34. In the same both the Accused had applied for Anticipatory Bail in the Pune Sessions Court.

The Investigating Officer opposed the Anticipatory Bail and demanded for Police Custody for various reasons, in his say he said that petitioner no.1 changed the name as Jagganath Babu Shetty in place of Jagganath Honai Shetty. There are some scratches on the name of J.B.Shetty. Petitioner no.1 got entered his name in the Shop Act License for Hotel Rupali . Petitioner no.1 has grabbed gold ornaments of Appi and Shridhar Shetty and for this reason to recover those gold ornaments and to investigate that who changed the name, custodial interrogation is necessary. Further that petitioner no.1 used compensation amount of Rs.50,000/- got in accident claim of Shridhar Shetty for Hotel Business and he received earnings from said Hotel but he has not paid it to true owner of the said Hotel and that is necessary to investigate the matter.

As per the court findings it is mentioned that, In her Complaint Shashikala stated that, Her father started three hotels namely Nirmal Bhavan, Madras Cafe (Now Rupali) and Madras Health Home (Now Vaishali). Her father died in the year 1961 in road accident. During lifetime of her father, petitioner no.1 Jagganath Shetty, time to time obtained money and till date he had not repaid said amount. Petitioner no.1 with an intend to grab the business, he won the confidence of her mother. Petitioner no.1 married with her elder sister Shakuntala and he started looking after Hotel Business. He changed names of Hotels. Mother of complainant wants to prepare her Will in respect of Hotel Vaishali and Hotel Rupali and in respect of her gold ornaments. Petitioner no.1 get transferred the business of Appi Shetty, mother of complainant in his name. When this fact came to the knowledge of Appi Shetty, her mother, meeting was held. Petitioner no.1/ accused admitted all mistake and agreed to transfer the properties in the name of Appi Shetty and also admitted to pay Rs.2 crores as an advance. He handed over four cheques. Out of them, two cheques were honored and two were bounced and he not transferred Hotels in the name of Appi Shetty. Petitioner no.1 initially appointed petitioner no.2 Shashendra Shetty, as Waiter in Hotel Rupali and he was promoted as Manager / Administrator.

As per the court findings it is mentioned that, In the year 2011 due to persistence of petitioner no.1, mother of complainant entered with agreement with petitioner no.2 in respect of Hotel Rupali. In the year 2016 she extended period of said agreement. Petitioner no.1 and 2, with intend to cheat Appi Shetty, prepared forge agreement in respect of Hotel Rupali. Her son Salil entered into agreement with Appi Shetty – mother of complainant to look after the business of Hotel Rupali, however, petitioner no.2 gave threats to Salil Shetty. The agreement in favour of petitioner no.2 is revoked by the son of complainant. With a view of grabbing properties of the complainant, petitioner no.1 deliberately changed his name to Jagganath Babu Shetty from Jagganath Honai Shetty showing him as brother-in-law of complainant’s mother. They obtained some signatures on various occasions with intend to grab the properties belonging to Appi Shetty, mother of complainant.

The court in his judgement had clearly accepted that “Keeping in mind submissions from both sides at glance it appears that originally Shridhar Shetty was owner and this fact is admitted by petitioner no.1 Jagganath Shetty. Judge Patil in his order said that, “In the event of arrest of petitioners Jagganath Babu Shetty and Shashindra Shetty in connection with C.R.No.93/2017 registered at Deccan police station, they be released on anticipatory bail on executing P.R. and SB of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. fifty thousand only) each along with one solvent surety each of like amount till filing of charge-sheet. Petitioner no.1 and 2 are directed to attend concerned police station twice in a week, particularly on Monday and Thursday in between 9.00 am to 12.00 noon till filing of charge-sheet and to cooperate Investigating Machinery. They are further directed not to change the nature of any document in the proceeding before Inquiry Officer. They further directed not to tamper the prosecution witnesses. PCP/SDJ 13 30

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