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PCP News Pune (Spl Corres) : Maharashtra is declared as the richest state in India. Mumbai is the capital of this state, and it is also known as the economic capital of the country. Maharashtra has a total GDP of Rs 27.96 lakh crore. It is the third most urban populated state in the country, where 45 percent of the population inhabits cities. India has diversity in every field. Some states are richer, so some are poor. Somewhere most people depend on agriculture, so somewhere people depend on industry.

Tamil Nadu is the second richest state of India. The total GDP is Rs 17.25 lakh crore. More than 50 percent of the state’s population resides in cities. It is 9.6 percent of the urban population of the country as a whole. The state’s GDP divided into three parts, which are the private sector 45 percent, 34 percent GDP depends on the manufacturing sector, and 21 percent GDP depends on agriculture.

Karnataka is the third wealthiest state in India. The total GDP is Rs 15.88 lakh crore of this state. In the past decade, the GDP has grown at the fastest pace compared to other states in the country. Many leading companies like Bharat Electronics Limited, Hindustan Machine Tools, and the Indian telephone industry are headquartered in this state.

Uttar Pradesh is the fourth most affluent state in India. The total GDP of the state is 15.80 lakh crore. As per the state budget for 2017-18, Uttar Pradesh has a GDP of Rs 16.89 lakh crore. Many cities in Uttar Pradesh like Noida, Ghaziabad have developed quickly. Many companies have opened their branches here. Handlooms, handicrafts, and agriculture are very important source of income for the people of the state.

Gujarat has a GDP of Rs 14.96 lakh crore. Agriculture and industry are the main source of income of this western state of India. The world’s largest ship breaking yard is near Bhavnagar in Alang, Gujarat. Reliance Petroleum’s refinery is also located in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Gujarat is the major producing state of tobacco, cotton cloth, and almonds. One-third of the total medicines produced in India are created in Gujarat.

West Bengal has a total GDP of Rs 13.14 lakh crore. The state’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and medium-sized industries. However, the service sector and heavy industry also contribute to strengthening the state’s economy. Apart from Durgapur, there are many steel plants in this state. Cargo ships come from all over the world at the port of Kolkata.

Andhra Pradesh has a total GDP of Rs 10.49 lakh crore. The economy here is mainly based on agriculture. Directly and indirectly, 62 percent of the population is linked to agriculture. The World Bank has described the state as India’s best state in terms of starting a business. The state produces 70 percent of shrimp in India.

Telangana has a GDP of Rs 10.49 lakh crore. Krishna and Godavari, two major rivers, have a better irrigation facility in large parts of the country. The state is now paying special attention to information technology and biotechnology sector. Telangana is one of the top IT extractor states in India. There are 68 Special Economic Zones in the state. Telangana is also a rich state in terms of minerals.

Rajasthan has a total GDP of Rs 9.29 lakh crore. It is a mineral-rich state. The economy here is based on agriculture, mining, and tourism. The state has food grains of gold, silver, sandstone, limestone, marble, rock phosphate, copper, and lignite. It is the second-largest cement producing state in India. Rajasthan is a major hub of tourist attractions because of its historical heritage.

Kerala has a total GDP of Rs 8.76 lakh crore. The main contribution to the state’s economy is that of the service sector. Several major corporations and manufacturing plants have their headquarters in Kerala, especially in Trivandrum, Kochi, and Kozhikode. Kerala produces 85 percent of natural rubber and 97 percent of pepper in the country. Tourism contributes about 10 percent of the state’s GDP. PCP/SC/DJ/13 30

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1 Comment

  1. Harshad Pachange

    June 8, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Means Maharashtra contribute more than 25% of national GDB, and proud for that … jay Maharashtra

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